Thursday, October 14, 2010


October 13th, 2010
That is when I realized my life hit rock bottom, lowest it could ever go. Have you ever felt that way before? Then you would understand when I say: I would never have the sufficient words or courage to explain how that felt.

Friday, August 13, 2010


It has been a special week, I'd say. First we had 08-09-10 on Monday and today is Friday the 13th. I did not hear much about Friday the 13th growing up. The first time I heard of it was in SS2 (11th grade). I remember that Friday (which was also the day before valentines day), I woke up early as usually and made my way to the 5:45am Friday mass. It was still dark outside and I always enjoyed the quiet it brought; and walking alone. This particular Friday however, there was something eerie about the air. Also, I could swear that somewhere in the distance, I could hear someone wailing. None the less, I shrugged it off.

After mass was over, we made it to dinning for "seven seas" (A morning variation of night cap) then dispersed to class. That was when the rumours started to spread. I was hearing it all over. The voices claimed Mr. Paul Utulu was dead. gasp! Mr Paul Utulu was my favorite teacher. He was also my club leader and choir manager. I respected and admired him. He recently got married; had a daughter that was about a year or more old and a newly born son. His son had been ill; so much that we feared that he wouldn't make it. The school collectively said daily prayers for him. Then two days before, Mr Paul had gone to the hospital with minor complains and never came back. His son soon got well. They all said it was like the life of the father was exchanged for that of the son.

This is my very first memory of Friday the 13th. It was also the first time I ever lost my voice (from crying). This sad experience had made me cautious, although I do not think I am extremely superstitious about Friday the 13ths.
Today I said a prayer, but only because I was inspired from the week. In hindsight, I should have said one for this Friday the 13th too. 12:10pm and everything thing possible has gone wrong at work, and I am not in a terribly good mood. I have never been so stressed -balancing the work load of two. Oh Lawd!

Till date, I have occasional dreams about him. And would marvel at the conversations we had. RIP

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Pray

The journey always seems unending while it is still lasting. However, when you look back, it does not seem to be that long at all. I may have done intensive job search for about a month. By this, I mean: routinely waking up each morning, hating you life then when you are done sulking, you find some motivation and grab your computer to start job hunting all over again. This is all I did besides sleeping, eating and all other necessities. It seemed endless and the thought of ever having a job began to sound more like a fantasy and far from reality.

The days were long and at the same time, I felt like time was creeping away. I looked any and everywhere, even planned to take the CNA exam to broaden my prospects. Then one day, I was scheming through my groups on linked-in and came across a posting. Some lady was looking for a job as a scientific recruiter. She was well experienced and was also offering pro-bono services to interested persons. I quickly contacted her with my resume, asking her for her opinion and recommendations. I did not expect a reply, so I was excited when I saw one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Story

Within the month after graduation, I went out on a limb and moved 3.5hrs away to the twin cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul) and surrounding areas. I was convicted of my decision while everyone around me thought I was crazy (except my parents; who had come to trust my decisions). With all the questions and confused stares, and even suggestions on better ways to go, I still held with my decision.

You see, early into college I realized my choice in a small town and college may not have been the best for me. I looked forward to the time I would spread my wings. Moreover, with biology and chemistry as my majors and neuroscience as my minor, I realized Moorhead did not offer a lot of opportunities. I mean: the options where basic; you either find a psych tech position, take a course and become a CNA (certified nursing assistant) or scramble for the limited lab aide jobs at neighboring schools NDSU and MSUM. I wanted something else. Possibly a position where I could do more research and actual lab work, or maybe another position where I could be exposed to all things clinical and health related. I wanted to be more experienced and better my chances of getting into graduate school or medical school. Money was not a factor, but it helped convince other people. I wasnted to find my niche and passion.

The twin cities was the closest big town to me. It had a well functioning airport to encourage my travel habits, had all sorts of labs and scientific opportunities, options and everything I was looking for. Yet, it was small enough when I wanted it to be. So after 4packing trips, rejecting a lab position at NDSU, scores of money and uncountable confrontations later, I finally moved to the cities around the 7th/14th of June.

I arrived and shortly realized how much I hated my apartment. But I had rent, utilities and other bills to take care of and NO JOB!

Reality Struck

Coming Up Soon

Oh my, I best learn how to become a fervent writter, especially now that I have graduated from college and should have time to spare.... yeah, you heard me right! I graduated....more than three months ago. Sometimes I still have to convince my self it is real!

So, In my boredom, I have had some random thoughts and experiences.... coming up soon!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Pick your BESTrunning shoes

What does it mean to be Nigerian, born and bred berom...what does it mean to be African, a woman and a feminist, a college graduate, a christian and a scientist, a dreamer, reserved and head strong (long list)......
what does it mean to be ME?
Its a question I have to ask my self over and over again. And the answers come, stay for a while till the question haunts me again. I guess it just means the quest for slef fulfilment never ends and we are ever changing, evolving........ the race keeps going.

pick your best running shoes